WARRIOR MWK Class Recordings

WARRIOR classes are designed for mothers whose son or daughter is dealing with an addiction (including pornography), self-destructive behaviors, or any issue that requires therapeutic intervention. Click on Free Classes for info on how to log-on to these classes in person.

We have now archived our Warrior MWK Recordings into the following folders! Please click on the links below to access class recordings.Just as an FYI--the recordings are listed in order with the first number as the recording number, and the second number is the date of the recording.  Happy listening! 
- MWK Team

For those just beginning to listen to the recordings, we suggest the Q&A classes with Maurice Harker or Mindy Lundgreen.  We also suggest the classes with Special Guests, Panels, and the tutorial classes with other moms.  Click on the links below to access those class recordings.
And, of course, we would LOVE to have you join us each week in class!