Welcome to Mothers Who Know! If you are new to the program and don’t know where to begin, consider starting with one of the resources below. (Please note: Our Mothers Who Know and W.O.R.T.H. resources are free!)

  1. Study up on the Sons of Helaman program*, a specialized self-mastery training system for LDS (Mormon) young men who wish to overcome an addiction to pornography and/or other sexual addictions. Led by a certified, licensed professional clinician, the participants in this program practice and develop the warrior instincts required to conquer these addictions for the rest of their lives. Not only do they learn which strategies the adversary will use against them, they are also trained how to fight back using powerful weapons of science and spirituality. Young men can attend a Sons of Helaman group session in person or remotely via the Internet from anywhere in the world. To learn more, watch this brief introductory video by Maurice Harker, creator of Sons of Helaman.
  2. See what graduates (a.k.a. our amazing “Generals”) are saying about the Sons of Helaman program in this panel discussion that took place at a recent event held for young women. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom these warriors have developed as they’ve conquered their addictions and achieved their goals. These Generals now consider themselves “respecters” and protectors of women, their enthusiasm is contagious! Watch Skylar Smoot’s story in this phenomenal new documentary, Love Kills Porn: A Documentary by BYU-I student Celine Rachelle.
  3. Download a free e-copy of Maurice Harker’s pivotal guidebook, Like Dragons Did They Fight or order a hard copy. This book provides an expert look into the addiction-fighting principles taught within the Sons of Helaman program. Our clinicians and the participants in the Sons of Helaman program refer to this book frequently. Order here.
  4. View Sons of Helaman meeting schedules or read testimonials by boys in the program.
  5. Schedule an intake appointment to see if Sons of Helaman would be a good fit for your son. Call us at 877-HERO-877/877-437-6877 or email We understand that this might be a hard conversation to start. Don’t worry! Many of our sons have been through the Sons of Helaman program, and we’ve seen them experience both terrible pain and great triumph. Once the conversation begins, healing begins! Don’t wait another minute! Please call 1-877-HERO-877 today.
  6. Stay by the Tree. Realize that addiction to pornography and other sexual behaviors is a battle your son has to fight. Just like the mothers of Helaman’s army in the Book of Mormon, you cannot go into battle and fight with your son. Your job is to remain steadfastly on the sidelines, cheering with all your might for your warrior. Your weapon is your faith. Nourish it, beckon to him from the safety of the tree.
  7. Meet Karen Broadhead, the founder of Mothers Who Know, as she shares her story. Mothers Who Know is under the direction of Life Changing Services and was created to strengthen every mother who desires to stand strong in facing the opposition of our day. This program’s sister-course, Warrior Mothers Who Know, is designed for mothers whose son or daughter is fighting an addiction or self-destructive behaviors. Sons/daughters may be participants in the Sons of Helaman/Daughters of Light program, but this is not a requirement. All of these services are free. Collectively, we have been fighting back for years! Email Mothers Who Know.
  8. Attend a free “Mothers Who Know” class/support group. We host two classes online every Tuesday morning—a general “Mothers Who Know” class open to all mothers seeking strength (9am MST) and a “Warrior Mothers Who Know” class for those who have a son or daughter struggling with addiction or self-destructive behaviors (10:30am MST).
  9. Listen to past Mothers Who Know and Warrior Mothers Who Know class recordings.
  10. Like & Share: Like Sons of Helaman and Mothers Who Know on Facebook. Follow @Mothers_WhoKnow on Twitter and Instagram. Share: If you experience a spiritual confirmation of the validity and quality of our work, please like/share/retweet our posts with others, especially other mothers and LDS Church leaders. We love to network with Bishops, youth leaders, and families. Please help us spread the word. If you would like us to send a packet of information to a bishop, stake president or mission president, please call 877-HERO-877 or email
The Sons of Helaman and Mothers Who Know programs operate under the direction of Life Changing Services, a group of LDS clinicians who have devoted their lives to strengthening and healing families. Because we understand that pornography is NOT just a “man’s issue,” we likewise train girls and women who are fighting or have been impacted by this battle as well. The Daughters of Light* program parallels the highly successful Sons of Helaman program, bringing young women together to fight self-destructive behaviors and addictions using proven therapeutic tools, gospel principles AND the strength they find from each other. This program is led by a well-trained, intuitive female clinician. Call 1-877-HERO-877 for more details. W.O.R.T.H. (Women of Rebirth & Therapeutic Healing) is a free support group led by a female clinician supporting women with betrayal trauma, those who have been hurt by a present or former husband’s addictions and misbehaviors. The Sons of Mosiah program is for missionaries currently fighting to stay in the mission field, young men preparing to enter the mission field, and recently released missionaries all of whom are struggling with unwanted patterns of sexual misbehaviors. We also have a program called Men of Moroni for husbands seeking change, and we likewise offer individual and marital therapy. We invite you to view all of the opportunities for healing available through Life Changing Services’ programs.

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