Welcome to Mothers Who Know...we are so glad you are here!

Created by Karen Broadhead, Mothers Who Know understand we are at war for the safety of our families against a relentless enemy who lies in wait to hurt those we love. This is an online community where mothers gather to take free classes, ask questions, offer support and learn from each other’s insights. Our mission is to strengthen every mother who desires to stand strong in facing the opposition of our day.

Just as the mothers of the Sons of Helaman in the Book of Mormon, we are fighting for the safety of our families against an enemy who lies in wait to ensnare and destroy us and those we love. We have faith in the divine plan of our loving Heavenly Father and we do not doubt that our Savior Jesus Christ has the power to heal our families and ourselves.

Please attend our free classes and join with Mothers Who Know as we strengthen families, one mother at a time.

Revised 11/2015
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