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My name is Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services and founder of Mothers Who Know, the division of Life Changing Services providing free support and education for all mothers, including those who have a child struggling with addiction or other behaviors that require therapeutic intervention. 
I am also the mother of a valiant Sons of Helaman graduate and Daughters of Light warrior. Please know you are in the company of many covenant women who understand what you are going through with your son or daughter. When a mother watches her child battle addiction, there is a roller-coaster of emotions including shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment and anxiety. I have deep compassion and empathy for what you are experiencing!

I'd like to invite all moms to schedule a visit with me. I appreciate having the opportunity to meet mothers personally and answer any questions you have.  We want to make sure you and your family are being served in the best way.
When I was in a dark place with no one to relate to while facing some storms the like of which I had never seen or dreamed of, I would have been so blessed to have a friend who was just a little ahead of me who could give me hope and some ideas for solutions.  I have found over the years of specializing in serving courageous mothers with a loved in the fight, that often the most powerful thing we can do for our own healing is to be brave enough to align ourselves with other warrior mothers in this battle.  At times meeting one on one with a mom can prove to be the first truly powerful thing she has done for herself. As we feel seen, heard and especially understood, we can then put into perspective the war we face, our hope increases and we can quiet Satan's lies and start thinking and acting in our truth.
Please schedule a visit with me anytime as I would love to talk with each of you personally.

Together in the fight,
Karen Broadhead

• BOOK KAREN TO SPEAK TO YOUR GROUP!  If you would like to schedule Karen for a speaking engagement, please email us and we are happy to help you get that on her calendar! She is available both in person and online for firesides, devotionals, special events, women's conferences, etc.  in your area.  (FYI—she is AWESOME!)
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