Frequently Asked Questions from Warrior Mothers

The questions below and many others have been asked during our Warrior Mother's Who Know classes.  (Please listen to recordings of past classes for more in-depth discussions.)  This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope the information is helpful to you and your family.  Please listen with the Spirit to discern what would work best for your own unique situation and family, and feel free to reach out for more information.
If you have questions you would like answered by either Maurice Harker, Mindy Lundgreen, or Karen and the other mothers, please email your questions to wearemotherswhoknow@gmail.com and we will ask your question in the next Warrior Mothers Who Know class and then send you a link to that recording if you are unable to attend.  

Parent Kit: Have you received your Parent Kit?  If not, you can download it here!

What exactly is Life Changing Services?  And what Programs do you offer? 

What are the levels of addiction and their characteristics?  And, what characteristics start to show addiction at a young age?

·         http://bit.ly/2wbs09O (Maurice Harker)

How long does it take a boy to graduate?  I feel like my son is not progressing as fast as some of the others.
·         http://bit.ly/2t40Z9x (Maurice Harker)
·         http://bit.ly/2t3KhH6 (A Warrior Mother)

How can I tell if my child is actually in recovery?
What is MANPWR
My son just started, but I don’t feel like he is progressing.  Also, he is not doing his MANPWR, should I be doing something about that?  And, how should I react to a lost battle?
·         http://bit.ly/2r3KZQ5 (clip from Maurice Harker during the WMWK class June 6, 2017)

My son came home and said his clinician told him it was okay to lose battles.  Is that correct???
·         http://bit.ly/2vC468F  (clip from Maurice Harker during WMWK class Aug 1, 2017)

Why should I do a Power Calendar along with my son/daughter?  Mine is not perfect, should I show him that? 

·         http://bit.ly/2pwWimi  (Maurice Harker)

My son lost a battle last night in his sleep.  What should I say? How can I encourage him? Does this count as a "lost battle"?
·         http://bit.ly/losebattleinyoursleep  (Maurice Harker)

My son came to me with this problem, is that a good sign that he’s ready to change?
·         http://bit.ly/2t3ZFTG (Maurice Harker)

How can I encourage my son to get help?  And, how can I know if he is being honest with me?
·         http://bit.ly/2rLzxJ4 (Maurice Harker)
·         http://bit.ly/2t41395 (Karen and Warrior Mother Emily during the “Like Dragons Podcast Series”)

How can parents support their sons/daughters? 
(For more in-depth information, please listen to the Parent Training recordings). 
·         http://bit.ly/2t4iG8k (Cody Hawes MSW, LCSW)

What do I do when my child doesn't want to go to church?
My son has been involved in not just pornography and masturbation, but has moved on to other sexual things.  I am so worried about him, what can I do?  I can’t control him or what he is doing right now, do you have any suggestions?
·         http://bit.ly/2t0abL6  (Maurice talking about the Atonement)
·         http://bit.ly/2sA6DP5   (Maurice talking about positive assumptions and "control")  

How can I help my son/daughter recognize that the negative thoughts in his/her head are from Satan?
·         http://bit.ly/2s0LUFA (Maurice Harker)
·         Ensign article mentioned by Maurice:  “The War Goes On”, by Elder Larry R. Lawrence, April 2017,  https://www.lds.org/ensign/2017/04/the-war-goes-on?lang=eng
How can I know when the adversary is attacking me and understand to track my own chemistry?
·         http://bit.ly/2sLd6Fa  (Men of Moroni participant)

My son has stated he doesn’t go through all the chemical stages.  Is this possible?
·       http://bit.ly/2uGQ2Mb  (Maurice Harker)

My son is a really private person and doesn’t like to share anything with me, especially things with the Sons of Helaman program.  How can I best help him and encourage him to share things with me? How often should I check in with him?
·         http://bit.ly/2sbVZ1V  (Warrior General Bryton)
·         http://bit.ly/2szGHmA (Warrior Mother)

How does a typical Sons of Helaman class work?  My son doesn’t share much, so I have no idea what he is doing in class every week.
·         http://bit.ly/2sA0oee  (Maurice Harker)

Do you have any advice for a struggling mother?  (See also the “Like Dragons…Podcast Series”, specifically the interviews with Warrior Mothers.)
·         http://bit.ly/2r38gln (Warrior Mother)

Why is it important for me to focus on myself while my son/daughter is going through his/her own recovery?  (for a more in-depth discussion on this, listen to the recording from the May 16, 2017 Warrior Mothers Who Know Class with Mindy Lundgreen)
·         http://bit.ly/2r3RQco  (Mindy Lundgreen)

·         http://bit.ly/2v8E4q7 (Maurice Harker)

Should I stay out of my child’s battles or jump in and help? (for a more in-depth discussion on this, listen to the recording from the June 20, 2017 Warrior Mothers Who Know Class with Mindy Lundgreen.)
·         http://bit.ly/2sL8kb1  (Mindy Lundgreen)

My older child (19) had decided not to attend church anymore, she “wants to take a break” for awhile.  What can I do or say to help this child come back to church?

·         http://bit.ly/2wQxy9h  (Mindy Lundgreen)

How do I ask my older son to leave home and not fear it will go wrong and come back to bite me?
·         http://bit.ly/sonleavinghome  (Maurice Harker)

All 3 of my sons are saying, "mom everyone is looking at pornography" like its not a big deal. I have used all the responses I can think of and none are working anymore. Can you give me some ideas of new/better responses to this?
My husband says this is normal for boys, that “kids just get over this”, and doesn’t really support the program.  What can I do?
·         http://bit.ly/2s4RRMN  (Maurice Harker)

Why is it harder for girls to get the help they need than for boys?
·         http://bit.ly/2tDAKUo  (Mindy Lundgreen, Daughters of Light)

How does it feel to a boy to not have any outside support?  Why does he need help?
·         http://bit.ly/2szQM34  (Warrior General)
·         http://bit.ly/2t4hSRi  (Warrior General)

Why would someone need the Men of Moroni if they are going to Addiction Recovery?
·         http://bit.ly/2s0DyO4  (Men of Moroni participant)