LCS Program Descriptions

Mothers Who Know operates under the direction of Life Changing Services, a group of LDS clinicians led by Maurice W. Harker. LCS provides exceptional individual, marital and family counseling as well as several impactful treatment programs. We invite you to view all of the opportunities for healing available through Life Changing Services’ programs.
  • Sons of Helaman is a specialized self-mastery training system for LDS (Mormon) young men who wish to overcome pornography and other sexual addictions. Graduates of Sons of Helaman are found to be exceptionally prepared for missions, temple marriage and life in general. This service has been diversified to serve teens, young adults and adults, both in-person as well as remotely via webinar. Sons of Helaman is primarily used for recovery, while its tributary program, Eternal Warriors, trains for Prevention and self-mastery.
  • The Daughters of Light program parallels the highly successful Sons of Helaman program, bringing young women together to fight self-destructive behaviors and addictions using proven therapeutic tools, gospel principles AND the strength they find from each other. This program is led by a well-trained, intuitive female clinician.
  • W.O.R.T.H. (Women of Rebirth & Therapeutic Healing) is a free support group led by a female clinician supporting women with betrayal trauma, those who have been hurt by a present or former husband’s addictions and misbehaviors.
  • Sons of Mosiah program is for missionaries currently fighting to stay in the mission field, young men preparing to enter the mission field, and recently released missionaries all of whom are struggling with unwanted patterns of sexual misbehaviors.
  • Men of Moroni for husbands seeking change, and we likewise offer individual and marital therapy.

For a Complete List of all of the programs and a cost breakdown, please see our LCS Program Overview.

And for Contact information on a specific program, see our LCS Program Contact Information Sheet.