Internet Safety

It can be deeply disturbing and stressful to discover a family member has been viewing pornography in your home. Life Changing Services’ certified PC tech, More Safe Mark Broadhead, understands the pain family members feel when the electronic borders of a home have been breached and is here to help! More Safe Mark will take the guess work out of which internet blockers and filters will work best for YOUR family, restoring your peace of mind by creating a personalized system of electronic protection for your home. Contact More Safe Mark today!

More Safe Mark can help protect your family from unwanted images on computers and mobile devices by:

  • Performing an electronic border patrol of your home, assessing the strength of the current filters and blocks in place.
  • Cleaning the history and images off of current devices.
  • Recommending which routers, filters or blockers would be best for your family. Ask More Safe Mark about Router Limits*!
  • Talking you through the installation of routers, filters or blockers remotely over the phone OR
  • Installing electronic protections in person.

Affordable and confidential. You will sleep better at night (literally) knowing all the devices in your home are locked down and accounted for.

What Customers are saying about More Safe Mark:
More Safe Mark was able to come out quickly and was very knowledgeable. He was able to set up safeguards on a wide variety of electronic devices. He installed open DNS, blocked adware, and set up safe searches on our home router and computers. He helped us protect our family while using our cell phones as well. We can monitor where our kids go and what they see. He is a great listener to what you need/want in your home. He has given us the tools to protect our family and left his card in case we had questions or issues.

ROUTER LIMITS*: Take Back the Internet

More Safe Mark is up-to-date on all the latest routers and blockers, including Router Limits, the awesome all-in-one solution for comprehensive web management, allowing you to take control of your internet. Router Limits provides free pornography filtering, you can also limit when people use their devices with scheduling, customizable for every device in the home. Those who find inappropriate media are often good at covering their tracks, so Router Limits provides a full report of visited websites, even if the browser history is deleted.

Ask More Safe Mark about Router Limits, he can even install it for you!
Order Router Limits. It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, you don’t have to be super-techy to install it.

Please note: Life Changing Services recommends Router Limits for you home and family. We receive a percentage of each sale when you purchase using the affiliate links above, or order through More Safe Mark. **Any commission we receive goes directly to funding our WORTH groups, free therapeutic support for women experiencing betrayal trauma.** Your purchase allows us to help more women who have been negatively impacted by their partner’s pornography use. Thank you for your support.

Ask More Safe Mark about Router Limits today! 435-222-2201 |