Additional Resources for Protecting and Empowering
Parents, Individuals & Families

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§  Eternal Warriors Mentor Training Support (Addiction Prevention and Self-Mastery):

§  Life Changing Services (Addiction Recovery and Other Support):

§  Overcoming Pornography Through the Atonement of the Savior:

§  LDS Addressing Pornography/Resources to help my child:

§  Protect Young Minds:

§  Educate and Empower Kids:

§  White Ribbon Week/Empowering Kids through Internet Safety:

§  Fight the New Drug:

Internet Safety:

§  More Safe Mark, Tech safety & support for families:

§  Covenant Eyes, internet safety and accountability:


§  Book of Mormon – War chapters were written for our day to help us understand the satanic warfare we face and how to win. Some of the best war chapters start in Alma 43

§  Like Dragons Did They Fight by Maurice Harker (New-Expanded Parent section) free ebook download Free ebook

§  Eternal Warriors Family Manual, Prevention for children under age 12:

§  Good Pictures Bad Pictures by Kristen A. Jenson:

§  How to Talk to Your Kids about Pornography by Educate and Empower Kids:

§  Straight Talk with your Kids

§  What’s the Big Deal about Pornography by Jill C. Manning:

§  Parenting the Internet Generation by Covenant Eyes (free E-Book)

§  Putting on the Armor of God by Steven A. Cramer

§  White Ribbon Week - 4 books for educating kids about internet safety.

§  Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room & From The Inside Out by Jill C. Manning

§  Conquering Your Own Goliaths by Steven A. Cramer

§  Momma Trauma: Now What?, by Karen Broadhead


§  Breaking the Chains Video Series by Maurice Harker:

§  What Should I do When I See Pornography? from and Mormon Channel:

§  “As a Swallowed Bait: How Pornography Addicts and Changes the Brain.” BYU Law School, “Stand for the Family”Symposium.

§  From the Inside Out: Healthy Media Guildlines for LDS Families, CD by Dr. Jill C. Manning; This is an amazing resource for families to start a discussion about healthy media consumptions;

§  Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons - YouTube

§  “Connected, but alone?”

§  Fireside Chats with Maurice Harker


§  “Slavemaster: How Pornography Drugs and Changes Your Brain”, Salvo Magazine.

§  “Hagelin: Addiction to Porn is Real, Destructive”, Washington Times, “Dr Hilton skillfully documents the biological reactions to porn usage…

§  The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children.

§  “As a Swallowed Bait: How Pornography Addicts and Changes the Brain.” BYU Law School, “Stand for the Family”Symposium.

§   Raising a Sin Resistant Generation” by Joy D. Jones, Primary General President, April 2017 General Conference:

§  “Modern Day Pioneer Women: Survivors of Marital Infidelity”, by Maurice Harker:

§  Top 10 Ways to Start Conversations about Pornography

§  12 Ways Pornography Leaks into Your Home and How to Stop it

§  How to Protect your Children from Pornography

§  Ensign Articles on pornography:

§  How to Teach Children about Sexual Intimacy


§  “Like Dragons Did They Fight Podcast Series”: Interviews with mothers who have had children overcome pornography addictions, interviews with young men who have learned to fight and overcome addictions, interviews with married couples who have dealt with sexual misbehaviors, and clinicians who work with young men and couples.

§  Gospel Solutions for Families: Gospel Solutions for Families offers practical, relevant tips for raising children in faith. Host Amy Iverson brings together General Auxiliary Leaders and experts to talk about tough topics parents are dealing with today, and how living gospel principles can help with the everyday challenges and opportunities of family life.”

§  Talks by LDS Prophets and leaders on pornography:

Other Resources (click on each title for link):

§  Karen Broadhead - Mothers Who Know – Parent Support Specialist

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