Parent Training Recordings

Parent Training for Sons of Helaman program
Held online, in a 4-week rotation. FREE, join anytime, no need to register..

WHEN:  Every Thursday starting Jan 12, 2017, @6pm MT for 60-90 minutes.
WHY? To better support Sons of Helaman and their families. Read Director's Letter.
ATTEND ONLINE:  To attend, click this link on your desktop, tablet or mobile device: and click "Join Meeting."
JOIN BY PHONE: Or join by Telephone: Dial: +1 408 638 0968. Enter Meeting ID: 782 749 490.
CAN'T ATTEND? If you are unable to attend these online meetings live, the recordings for each session are posted below.

  • Week 1: War Between Remembering and Forgetting/You are not the enemy. Power Calendar.  (Link to audio recording)
  • Week 2: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things/Science Behind Addiction. Neuro Pathways.  (Link to audio recording)
  • Week 3: Discernment/ Chemical Scale/Tools for your Personal Arsenal (flag pole, drills, passion project, service, writing, body and physical exercise.) (Link to audio recording)
    • See also pages 60-71 in the Like Dragons Did They Fight book.
  • Week 4: Warrior Chemistry/You are the Crusher, Reclaim your Liberty and Power with a Warrior's Love and Aligning your Battles with Christ.

Parent Orientation Video:  This is a 90 minute video introducing the Sons of Helaman Program with both parents who had sons go through the program and Generals who have graduated from the program.  Link to YouTube video

It is encouraged for parents (or any others) to enroll in the more extensive Eternal Warriors training courses at anytime.  Please see: for more info or to enroll. Please reach out to our Parent Support Specialist, Karen Broadhead, with any questions: