Meet Karen Broadhead

Upon learning one of her noble sons had become ensnared in the bonds of pornography addiction, Karen L. Broadhead felt powerless and afraid in her search for healing resources for her son.  Inspired by the impact the Sons of Helaman program had on her son’s life, she asked Maurice Harker, the director at Life Changing Services if she could start a support program for parents struggling to support their sons and daughters in addiction. Karen set out to build what is now called, Mothers Who Know. As Founder & Director of the Mothers Who Know support program, her knowledge and influence for hope have grown. Karen now serves not only her son and her family but also many others. This online support group and free weekly online training program now serves women all over the country.

Karen is a certified LCS Life Coach. She specializes in serving women and families in pain or trauma. She has taught hundreds of students as an Eternal Warriors Mentor with Life Changing Services and has over 400 hours of class recordings available for free download on her Mothers Who Know blog. She also serves as the Parent Support Specialist within the Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light therapeutic recovery programs of Life Changing Services. She has served as a board member on the Utah Coalition Against Pornography - UCAP and currently serves on the Reach 10 Advisory Board. “Momma Trauma” is Karen’s first book. It is a compilation of the principles and training she has developed and shared as a Life Coach, Eternal Warriors Mentor, Parent Support Specialist, Mothers Who Know director and Warrior Mother over the past 10 years. Her purpose is to share hope and increase light for women and families. Karen has a bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy, from Brigham Young University.

Karen L. Broadhead is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Karen and her husband Kent have five children, nine grandchildren and live in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Karen loves being a mother and wife and is committed to sharing a message of hope and happiness because she knows “our mess can become our message”...even our miracle.

Karen’s Personal Declaration: “I am a fearless warrior for Jesus Christ.  I stand strong for His great cause of truth and freedom.  I am connected with the Savior at all times, committed to fulfill the plan for my life that we make together.  I am filled with the light of Jesus Christ and stand proudly in my own truth.”

Contact Info:
Karen Broadhead
Phone:  801-499-6819
If you have a specific concern, question, or just want a friendly voice or advice, and would like to schedule a free one-on-one meeting with Karen, please use this link to schedule a time slot for about 30 minutes beginning every hour.  She loves to help mothers become empowered as they too move through this path with their family members.