Meet Karen Broadhead

Karen Broadhead is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. Other titles she holds include Vice President of Quality Control at Life Changing Services, Founder & Director of the company’s Mothers Who Know and GIRL Power programs, and parent support specialist within the Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light therapeutic recovery programs.

Karen has a bachelor’s degree in recreation management and youth leadership with an emphasis in recreational therapy. She teaches hundreds of students each week as an Eternal Warriors mentor with Life Changing Services, and her Mothers Who Know online support group and weekly online training program has become over 600 women strong!

In 2003 upon learning one of her noble sons had become ensnared in the bonds of addiction she was feeling powerless and afraid in her search for healing resources for her son.  In 2007 relieved to find the Sons of Helaman program (one of many powerful programs offered through Life Changing Services) and inspired by the impact this program had on her son’s life, she asked Maurice Harker, the Director of Life Changing Services, if she could start support programs for parents struggling to deal with their own sons addictions. As her own knowledge grew, Karen was able to serve not only her son and her family, but also many others.

Karen is now a fearless warrior for Jesus Christ who radiates the Love of Christ in every aspect of her life. She continually strives to stand strong for His great cause of truth and freedom and has dedicated her efforts at Life Changing Services to serving families who are battling self-destructive addictions and unwanted behaviors. Karen approaches her work with individuals and families with contagious energy and unconditional love. As she teaches the empowering principles that have transformed her own life, there is nothing she enjoys more than witnessing how the countenances of women and young women transform when they become more connected in their divine truths as Daughters of God and begin thinking like the warriors they were meant to be.

Karen and her husband, Kent have five children and five granddaughters. Karen loves being a mother and wife and is committed to supporting her fellow brothers and sisters in the Gospel as we all strive to become more like the Savior.

Karen Broadhead
Phone:  801-499-6819