Class Recordings

We have combined the class recordings page to include everything in one place!  Scroll down to get to the class you want to listen to. If you would like information on joining a class, click here.

*Mothers Who Know Class Recordings*
This class has been replaced with Mom Power.
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Mothers Who Know class recordings are for any mother who wishes to stand strong against the adversary. Class recordings are archived into the following folders! Please click on the links below to access them.  Happy listening!

*Evening Mothers Who Know Class*
(1st Tuesday of every month, 7pm (MT)

*Warrior Mothers Who Know Class Recordings* 
(Tuesday, 10:30am class)

WARRIOR classes are designed for mothers whose son or daughter is dealing with an addiction (including pornography), self-destructive behaviors, or any issue that requires therapeutic intervention.

For those just beginning to listen to the recordings, we suggest the Q&A classes with Maurice Harker or Mindy Lundgreen.  We also suggest the classes with Special Guests, Panels, and the tutorial classes with other moms.  Click on the links below to access those class recordings.  Happy listening!

And, of course, we would LOVE to have you join us each week in class!

·                     2014 Class Recordings 
·                     2015 Class Recordings
·                     2016 Class Recordings
·                     2017 Class Recordings
·                     2018 Class Recordings
NOTE: FOR 2019 CLASS RECORDINGS, PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW MOTHERSWHOKNOW WEBSITE AS WE WILL BE MOVING EVERYTHING OVER IN THE NEXT WEEK.   Here is the link to the page with the recordings--scroll down to 2019 classes! (be sure to scroll down to see the recordings link)
·                     Q&A Classes with Maurice Harker
·                     Q&A Classes with Mindy Lundgreen
·                     Special Guests, Panel Discussion,Mother's Tutorials

*Fathers Who Fight Class Recordings*
(2nd Thursday of every month, 7:30pm)

This class is for FATHERS who want to learn to fight side by side with their child.  Enlist in the fight as disciples of Christ’s army!  Learn with fellow warriors to train, teach, protect and defend your children from the enemy who seeks to destroy their freedom.  Awake to the tactics of the enemy,and stand together against the power of darkness. Together, the “Fathers who Fight” will be committed to fight with their all.

·                     2017/2018 Class Recordings